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Carcade was founded in 1996 and is one of Russia’s top three leasing companies, serving the business passenger and cargo vehicle market. With Carcade, you can quickly lease one car or an entire fleet, which directly helps clients accelerate the development of their businesses. The company turned to ONY for a new B2B sales platform, a site and an app, all with contemporary design, a convenient interface and the functionality of a full-fledged service.

The first stage of our work was to rebrand Carcade. We studied the needs of the existing user base, finding that “speed” and “motion” were the two key metaphors to guide our further work on the project. The company’s new logo is formed from four wheels, turned into tilted ovals by aggressive forward motion. Continuity of style was provided by their signature red colorway, also used in the site interface.

An irregular grid gives a sense of motion on the site by letting some content blocks seemingly fly off the sides of the screen. Still, the design itself remains intentionally minimalistic in order to prioritize functionality and rapid solutions to users’ problems while setting itself apart from competitors’ overloaded sites.

One of the largest challenges we faced was the development of the site’s architecture and its UX solutions. We interviewed the company’s employees and clients to uncover their key demands. For instance, Carcade’s clients wanted to see all the cars available for purchase at any given moment, but managers used to have a hard time keeping the catalog up to date by hand. We solved this problem by completely synchronizing the catalog with supplier databases, and now it always shows up-to-date information on automobile availability. 

In developing interface solutions for user accounts, we based our decisions on the fact that the users might range from the owners of small business to accountants at larger ones. We put all the information about payment schedules, amounts owed and credit limits on the main page so that users can quickly review their finances every month at a glance and understand what other cars they can purchase right now. We also included the contact details for every user’s personal manager, available at any moment for advice or any business questions whatsoever.

We squeezed all the functionality of the desktop site Into the Android and iOS apps. Developing on React Native let us reuse code fragments and release the app significantly faster, as well as synchronizing the majority of interface updates on all platforms thanks to a shared backend.

This functional and convenient digital platform has been helping Carcade clients develop their businesses for several years now, cementing the company’s status as an auto leasing expert. In April 2020, Carcade merged with Gazprombank Leasing.