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Clever Business. Brand identity system

Clever Business group provides consulting services in four business areas: law, finance, taxation and information technology. A square divided into four equal parts is a trademark and a primary brand identifier. Quarters of the square are painted in strict gradient order from lightest to the darkest shades of a color going clockwise. The prorotype of the trademark is a prairie clover. Finding a four leaf clover will bring you good luck. This sign has become a metaphor for the main logo. We have also taken it into account in the development of a play on words «Clover» — «Clever» (the Russian translation for «clover» sounds like «clever»).

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The uniqueness of the solution lay in the ability to stretch and cover carriers of any format what suits all promotional materials.

Sub-brands’ design is based on the different colors of the square. Thus, for example, purple gradient is used in the «Clever Legal» company logo.