A place where you can DO something important
Digital October. Brand identity system

Digital October is a technology park in the center of Moscow located on the former territory of the Red October factory. This modern place unites a new generation of investors and developers. Digital october holds big forums and conferences focused on new technologies and startups. Not so long ago, do held the most important it-conference on the planet, tech crunch.

  • Client Digital October


We consider their target audience to be people who think that the IT world is a world full of opportunities and action. We developed a unique solution that combines different conceptual meanings.

The use of the abbreviation ‘DO’ as the basis of the logo is a call to action and, in fact, Digital October itself was created for action. Besides, a good acronym logo looks like a userpic, which is an intergral part of the online world. Digital noise is an additional branding element that visually supports the IT direction of the brand.