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Gazprom Media is the leading Russian media holding, combining assets in every segment: film, television, radio, print and digital, as well as advertising and content production and distribution. The company came to ONY for help in modernizing their corporate site. The updated site needed to represent the company’s whole portfolio while being easy and intuitive to use.

The site is grounded in the idea of synergy among the holding’s 40 media projects. The idea is embodied by a recognizable scene from a fantasy film, where the heroes direct numerous complicated processes from a digital control center. This is how we found the design solution at the core of the site’s visual concept: a dynamic network of flashing screens. The next step was to come up with a navigation system that would make it easy for a wide audience, ranging from media professionals to audiences, to search for the content they need.

Previously, the site’s conservative structure reflected the hierarchy of the media holding itself: in order to find what they needed, users had to navigate to the “Our Business” menu, which dropped down to reveal the company’s various divisions. Of course, this kind of catalogue approach has its place, but it forces visitors to take extra steps and might scare away a modern user that has grown used to an easier experience of surfing the internet.

We reimagined the architecture of the site and designed a simple system of filters. Now searching for news, videos and information about a project is much more intuitive. In addition, when navigating to the company’s various business divisions, different videos autoload in order to turn users into the curators of their own showreel. Thanks to our developers’ ingenuity, the many terabytes of video on the site load in just a few seconds.

Gazprom Media has a serious of recognizable visual constants, including their color palette of various blues. We freshened up this palette to make it work better in digital while expanding it with additional colors, giving each business a corresponding gradient. Dark shades in the site’s design remind us of a backstage view of a television studio. Meanwhile, the typography on the page needed to be as neutral and readable as possible in order to help users focus on the content. Suisse Int'l combines classical style and cutting-edge design principles like restraint and functionality, which suited our design challenge perfectly.

Another separate, but equally important task was to develop the administration panel. The media holding is a developing company, which means that the information on the site has to constantly update and grow, with an interface that lets employees get their bearings with both new and old content quickly and easily. We were able to create a streamlined CMS, logically connecting the different blocks of the site so that new information would automatically populate the necessary categories of the site. This helps site administrators and the company’s PR office save lots of time.