Globalization of knowledge
Knowledge Stream. Brand identity system

A speaker in London with an audience in Moscow. Knowledge Stream is a distance education project created especially to broadcast hi-tech video conferences in HD. Rostelecom and RBC came forth as partners of the project.

  • Client Digital October



The goal of the project is to introduce the Russian audience to recent technological innovations and achievements from the world of science, which could be applied in business. The world’s most popular specialists and scientists take part in the project despite their busy schedules. Thanks to Knowledge Stream, they receive an opportunity to share their knowledge with a global audience.

While visualizing the idea of Knowledge Stream, we used the image of a tunnel made of square boarders to focus directly on what is happening in the frame.

 Our solution enables different events and happenings to be announced in a unique, recognizable style. Simply highlight the speaker’s eyes or the topic image using the tunnel.

Since the launch of knowledge stream at the end of 2011, there have been more than 200 lectures given by specialists from MIT, the National University of Singapore,
the Hasso Plattner Institutе and other universities and companies.