Creative air
McCann. Site concept

Mccann erickson russia is an advertising agency, the russian division of the global communications group, mccann worldgroup. Creativity is the main product and the specialization of the agency. Their main resource is the creative air, the air of inspiration, which generates ideas.

As a pitch project, we proposed putting a video installation on the website. By means of this installation, mccann’s creative air starts to communicate with people, infiltrating their world, and filling more and more space. As soon as music appears in the room, air particles start to spin in a rhythmic dance, the nature of which varies depending on the rhythm of the ambient sounds.

McCann Erickson Russia Concept from ONY on Vimeo.

The creative air video installation exceeds the confines of the screen and is transformed into actual art, which helps to strengthen the McCann image as a modern and innovative agency.