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Megafon. Global digital rebranding

In late 2013, mobile and telecom operator MegaFon rebranded itself. As two global branding agencies were updating the operator’s basic brand elements in offline, we were developing a new system for designing the company’s digital interfaces. The outcome saw the key resources redesigned, and a digital guide created, which defines the basis for execution of all the brand interfaces.

  • Client MegaFon
  • Products Adaptation of brand identity system in digital interface, digital guidelines.

Megafon’s new offline style is based on composition of circles, which is difficult to work with within a digital space. We proposed a solution in which circles stylishly and smoothly blend with rectangular shapes that are typical of any interface.

In addition, adaptation required a set of branded icons, which initially looked good only in large formats on offline media. We gave close and thoughtful attention to each line, and achieved maximum readability even with the smallest formats.

Предложенное стилистическое решение легло в основу интерфейсов множества проектов компании, начиная с основных web-ресурсов заканчивая приложениями для мобильных устройств.