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MegaFon. Site for busines departament

B2B is one of MegaFon’s business priorities. The company places special emphasis on the needs of its corporate clients. Our task was to create a site that simplifies communication from both sides of the B2B segment. 

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The first click is the most important. All blocks that are important to the user were assembled on the home page and logically divided into two groups — for new and for already connected clients. With this approach, users can just in one click navigate to the most popular site features.

Selection of tariffs and services, and formation of a complete set of services needed by the company became much more convenient and easier. A special calculator helps to set up personal tariff plans for each employee, while a basket makes it possible to save selected combinations and in sequence collect the required set of SIM cards with personalized tariffs.

Universal interface. The modular system makes it easy to render information in different sections and focus the user’s attention to important features. 

Attention to business. Clients can find answers to all their questions in the Customer Support section. Besides, a client can now contact the manager without leaving the site.