A tale of survival
Norilsk film. Web-documentary project

What if winter lasts for 9 months and 2 of them are night? What if during the New Year the temperature is -50 C and the wind speed is 20 m/sec and and this is considered to be normal enciroment? What if there is no spring and no autumn as we know it? There is only winter and 3 month for everything else. Is it possible to survive at this place? Is it possible to live there? Norilsk project is an interactive web-documentary about Norilsk - the most cold city in the whole world, populated with very special people that aure used to live and survive under harsh conditions where no one else can survive.

  • Client SROK Telecompany

2nd place

White Square






Red Dot CD 2015



Unique shootings, 8 locations, 3D video panoramas, first-person POV video, lots of documentary shorts, over 50 real characters, longread stories are connected into single digital interface wich allows many story driven options and outcomes.