The reliable bank of our times
Otkritie Bank. Rebranding

In the summer of 2019 Otkritie bank announced its new strategy under the name «the reliable bank of our times». The tagline was «We are changing together with you». Collaboration with musician and public persona Vasily Vakulenko (Basta) had been chosen as a promotion tool. A new representative of Otrkitie bank has grown up, become more serious, had major plans as well as his audience. The bank was targeted them as main clients.

Here in ONY we were challenged to make a new style which accents new message «the reliable bank of our times». Out limits were established within current brand visuals. The light blue foundation colour and logo have to be carefully integrated into a new design set. The main idea behind the concept is literally the use of bank’s name which means «opening». We made a visual tool of pun.

We used font Druk to underline more serious tone of the bank. Compressed symbols and high density of titles add more discipline to layouts and make accent on bold bank’s nature. Druk font looks modern and unusual. Additional icons expand visual language. Thin lines and minimalistic icons work in contrast with typography and make accent on digital actual tone of the bank.

«Opening» concept has great potential in animation and can be easily integrated in digital forms. The system of dynamic layouts allows to separate messages to the different messages blocks. This method has a good scaling with different layouts from the very simple to the complex ones.

Discover Otkritie in a new way.