The philosophy of design
Ph.D. Brand identity system

P H . D is an architectural bureau that specializes in creating large-scale projects on the verge of art and architecture. The company needed a new identity system that would enable the target audience recognize it as a top European brand.

It was decided to reduce the name Philosophy of Design. So, the company was renamed to a recognizable abbreviation Ph. D. (Doctor of Philosophy). A short and clear name is more in line with the concept and improves identification. The wordplay highlights the solidity of the brand. 

The graphical identity system was designed based on specially modified font with big letter spacing. This made any set of header resemble a rhythmic architectural space. Attributes are branded by application of philosophical quotes on the entire surface of the medium. All the headings of books and website of the company, cut-ins and packshots of a presentation video are executed in a similar way.