Pride inside you
Pride. Brand identity system

Pride – pride is an exclusive, private wellness club located on the shore of the Moscow river. This is a high-level resort where each visitor has access to a personal trainer, nonstandard fitness equipment, a 5* restaurant, a luxury spa and even a beach which operates year-round. On the other hand, Pride is the sport; it is speed and a pumping heart, achieving the impossible. Only the most privileged can get access to this club. In addition, having a membership is a reason to have pride.

  • Client Pride

As a visual solution, we designed the word ‘pride’ with a distinctive typography that symbolizes the personal signature of a club member. The internal dynamics of the signature speak of life, motion and sports.

We developed a special color pallette for different areas of branding. There are two types of colors: colors that stimulate activity and ‘relaxed’ colors. Moreover, we designed many club attributes, from membership cards to cycling uniforms.