Monument of purity
Sanduny. Brand identity system

Sanduny is the name of the authentic russian baths founded in 1808; an acrhitectural monument in the center of Moscow, located on Neglinnaya street. Today sandunovskie baths is a world-famous brand. it is the largest bathhouse in the capital with a unique, historical interior. the quality of the services and the range of products, from classic to ultramodern, are the main advantages.

  • Client Sanduni

 We had the task of developing a clear and consistent brand identity that would remedy their outdated eclectic style from the 90’s

In Sanduny we saw not only a classic Russian bathhouse, but also a museum with antique interiors, historical decorative objects and an ineffable Russian atmosphere. The new Sanduny symbol is an oak leaf, a strong and versatile image. The oak embodies everything that we know about Russian bath traditions in a metaphorical way. The image itself is intense, yet it is placed in a light and unobtrusive graphic environment, leaving some space for the establishment’s own originality.