Data volume
-. Branding

SberCloud is a new generation cloud platform dedicated to helping state and private companies store, defend and work with data. You can imagine data cloud but you can’t see it or touch it. We had to find an elegant and intuitive solution to visualize this concept provided by SberCloud. 

We start our journey with simple geometrical forms. Volume figures had been chosen as main characters for identity. All of them combined from many elements as one structure. Abstract picture looks cleaner than physical representatives of data backup and safety. It helps to create an outstanding visualization tool.

The compressed cube had been chosen as the logo because it’s working well both in static and animated contexts. Logo expands and makes other identity elements stronger by existing in the same space.

SberCloud is a part of Sberbank ecosystems but it is also a standalone product. So we decided to change green tone and lead it to new territory where brands competition not that high. Less intensive green works perfect for digital communications with company’s customers.

Different textures, printing technologies and materials used on objects with SberCloud identity allow to expand idea of volumetric images to the physical world. Tactile sensations, shadows and blind embossing are tools for animating static reality.

We developed different shapes 3D models to allow our client use them comfortably. It can be used in animation, making snapshots or combine models to new graphic objects. You can make new patterns with different density and get tons of unique illustrations for client’s communication tasks.