The weather is good
TWIG. Complex brand launch

The weather is good – an AGC company project, the world's leading glass manufacturer. TWIG is the good weather in our houses as well as an innovative window company that brings hi-tech glass from Japan into our houses. Thanks to these ‘cosmic’ technologies, windows have become much safer, protect us from cold, noise, and heat like never before.

  • Client AGC Group

3rd place


The TWIG consumers are the people who look for smart solutions. They love traveling and try to surround themselves with friends and their favorite european brands. Our goal was to make twig one of those brands. We expressed the most important features and values of the company in the identity system: good weather, having fun, smiling, quality service and technology. Patterns inside letters convey the message of a game and the combination of different features in one product. They can also be used for different types of branding.

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