Enrich your underground life
VMETRO. Brand identity system and mobile portal

Internet provider MaximaTelecom recently launched a free Wi-Fi access in Moscow Metro. To increase the appeal of this service and improve the economic efficiency of the project, the company decided to create a multimedia portal, rich in fascinating content and useful services that are tailored to the needs of subway passengers.

  • Client MaximaTelecom

The logo of the project “В метро” (V Metro), meaning “in the subway”, is based on a combination of two images: underground tunnel and the at-sign “@”. For portal interface and offline communications, personal icons were drawn for all services executed in a manner uniform with the logo.

What services do passengers need? According to a survey conducted by MaximaTelecom, the most frequent activities of subway passengers are reading news and books, playing games, and social networking. In the course of continuous development of the project, we were able to add such features as navigation, movies and TV shows, as well as radio and payment services. A lot of new useful services are coming soon.

Thanks to the company’s partners – Yandex, m24.ru and online newspaper The Village – the portal always displays the latest news and articles on popular topics. Users can watch new movies or new episodes of their favorite TV series via a user-friendly online movie theater interface, designed in partnership with Megogo.net.

With the navigation service, the user can construct the best routes between subway stations. In addition, the service reminds the user of where to stop in advance.

The portal interface was designed for a variety of mobile devices. Server adaptability is used to ensure that only optimized content is loaded on the user’s device. Because the plans to develop the portal are ambitious, a flexible modular solution was based on architecture that would allow to easily deploy new services and optimize the performance of existing interfaces via A/B test.

It took us only 59 days to launch the first version of the portal. New services are coming up. Among them are: Geo-stores and vouchers, chatting in the metro coach, and so much more interesting services.