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Yotaphone. E-ink display Interface concept

Yotaphone works 10 times longer than average smartphones. The unique E-ink display helps to keep the battery charged for such a long time. Despite the limited features of the display, it is really useful and effective. We developed several interface solutions with different executions and feels, which will help Yotaphone owners, stay constantly aware of recent updates and events happening on their phones.

  • Client YOTA

Smiles. The screen brightens to emotionally react to everything that happens on the phone. These smiles are not just emotions - they are real living characters.

Random. Each notification, message, and reminder is unique. the screen reacts to them by drawing a new geometric background every time one is received.

Orbital. All events, reminders and notifications are shown in a circle, each in its own orbit.

Geometry. Events and notifications are shown on the screen inside geometric shapes, and depending on their quantity, the screen is gradually being filled with geometrical configuarations.