MegaFon. Really around you


After rebranding MegaFon during which we developed an interface style framework for all the company’s digital products, we were tasked on creating a website for the mobile operator that can change and rearrange itself depending on users’ needs.

The homepage of the site is divided into three zones; each of them is dedicated to the basic user needs: news & promos, connection & store, service management & additional services. The zones are collected in blocks providing quick access to the most popular features. Such design makes it easy to rearrange the blocks depending on the changing interests of the audience.

This is the first site of the mobile operator that is truly mobile. Since over 30% of users access the site from mobile devices and their numbers are steadily increasing, our aim was to make the site very convenient for viewing on any mobile device. As a result, all the web pages were designed in four basic resolutions. While designing the navigation elements and data rendering methods, we took into account the interface features of the most common tablets and smartphones.

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