Raiffeisen Career. Searching for people, not resources


In 2017 Raiffeisenbank asked us to develop their jobs portal to help find and hire the widest possible variety of specialists, from financial analysts with extensive experience to marketing interns. Within the company, the bank supports the idea of «comfortable» entrepreneurship: this means the lack of formalities or hierarchy. Our task was to communicate this idea on a visual level and avoid the patterns inherent to many corporate sites.

Raiffeisen’s career site is more than a list of job postings—it’s a full-fledged media resource, with an exhaustive list of articles, videos and audio materials. Top managers and HR directors at the bank give recommendations on employment and development within the company. This helps the bank to show its friendly, caring relationship to its employees and their working conditions.

We achieved the right attitude with the help of a bright color palette, complemented perfectly by the bank’s signature yellow. This supports the idea that a bank with European roots should have a purely European visual style. The geometric grotesque Gilroy was chosen as the primary font. It looks friendly, but still businesslike enough for such a serious field.

For the bank, it was important to show its employees that it doesn’t merely treat its employees as «human resources», but instead develops its internal processes with a focus on the human. This helped guide our recommendations for their photo style: we suggested using lively lifestyle photos with a warm color palette.

Ultimately, we came up with a simple and functional service: pared-down but still human, serving both the necessary function of searching for personnel and the additional utility of communicating the company’s values using interesting content. Now it helps the bank work with the best specialists and grow together with them.

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