YOUNOM. The genome of your beauty


YOUNOM is the line of innovative cosmetics to skin treatment. The chemical nature of every YOUNOM product is absolutely unique and individual, because it is based on the DNA-test of every particular customer. This kind of approach is a guarantee for top efficiency. It also eliminates possibility of any negative side effects. At the launch stage the product was targeted at the European market. It was distributed via the subscription model. As soon as the customer was about to run out of a particular treatment, the new portion was delivered right away. We were in charge of developing the band concept the launching the product to the market.

The term of genome lay in in the basis of brand communication. It is echoed in the band name: Yournome (i.e. «your genome»). It is embedded into brand identity and typeface that we used for the visuals. The logo encloses refined elegance and high-tech inherent to today’s cosmetics. The brand identity and style are enhanced by the typeface used for the logo. It is the modified version of Euclide Light typeface enriched with the unique set of special characters. Euclide Light & Bold (for highlights) are used for all text in printed and digital communications.

The package of Younom products evokes the image of a lab of the future. It puts in the spotlight Younom’s innovative and high tech nature. So, the brand stands out among the conventional cosmetic products.

The brand addresses to each of its clients by the name. This kind of personal attitude underlines the Younom’s individual approach to every single customer.

To prepare YOUNOM for market entry we created variety of marketing tools including presentation video, advertising models, social media marketing style and a set of sophisticated deliverables for business communication.

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