Almatel. Friendly telecom


It’s hard to imagine the contemporary world without new technologies, from the internet and digital TV to mobile operators. But even today, there are people who face these technologies with a sense of fear. This is perfectly understandable: often, people are afraid of (or don’t feel like) trying something new, as that would requiring going outside their comfort zone. We developed a strategy that poses a clear challenge for a new mobile operator: to help everyone discover the friendly side of innovations and create a simpe, comfortable digital space. So we launched an emotional design product: the first truly human telecom company, Almatel.

If you were to translate the word «connection» into a visual metaphor, it would look something like two connected dots. And if you play around a bit with that construct, you get a charming logo. The brand’s face took the shape of a cutesy «digital elf». He behaves differently on different media, and can be happy, get tired, or even play hard-to-get – but his main task is to help users. Short lines and remarks help build trusting relationships with our audience and figure out challenging technologies.

A little childish, don’t you think? That’s the whole point: this technique allows us to get away from the stereotype of esoteric, cold technology. We’ve made a telecom company so warm and friendly that you want to give it a hug instead. This simple dot concept can be used as part of a signature style for both text and infographics.

In the context of subjective choices and hard-to-grasp technologies, it’s important to establish an emotional connection with your target audience. Humanity, openness, and readiness to help have become the brand’s most important qualities, and a friendly logo, a recognizable brand personality, and an easy conversational style supports that idea on every level of communication.

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