The new norm of life. Go Circle


Go Circle is a movement of environmental initiatives. The project brings together artisans, designers, local brands and companies to create capsule collections of clothing, artefacts and pieces of art that contribute real value to society and culture.
For example, together with Yandex Market, Go Circle team worked on the ‘Svyaz’ («Связь») project and within this project a series of unique sweaters, hand-made by craftswomen from various cities of Russia, was released.

All eco-initiatives can be conditionally divided into three groups: activism, consulting and community. The Go Circle team combines these spheres in their work, striving to ensure that sustainable development becomes integrated into daily lives of people and companies. Our task was to determine the positioning of a new brand, and then develop an identity and a website for it.

The work of Go Circle is based on the principles of respect for nature and human, openness to mutual creativity, as well as love for local culture and traditions. Together with the team, we were able to formulate the core values of the brand: honesty, action orientedness, aesthetics and inclusiveness. These attitudes formed a base for the development of the brand.

The concept of the project identity is based on the ideas of collective action, community unification and mutual changes. The main mission of the brand is to ensure that sustainable practices are not just the struggle of eco-activists but they become the new norm of life. Go Circle helps and accompanies society on the way to these changes. The team involves in its production processes people from vulnerable social groups and as a consulting agency it cooperates with everyone who is ready to take steps towards sustainable development. The brand tries to make the process of change understandable and ensure that people are pleased to feel part of this movement. We fully share the values of Go Circle and it is a very important project for us. We want the future branding to contribute to the harmonious development of the company and to the formation of a new aesthetic centre of attraction.

The Semimono Dots font which was developed by us and which is a modification of the ONY Semimono font, its ‘dotted’ version, became the central element of the visual style. The set of dots is a key metaphor that conveys the values and goals of the company. It combines several important semantic layers. The dots brought together represent the idea of a community, a group of people united by the same idea and purpose. The dotted font also resembles a laid path or a specified direction in which it is proposed to move together.

Go Circle manifests the need for meaningful change in a man’s life. At the same time, the transition to sustainable development practices can be simple and understandable, especially when there is a guide on this way. It was important to show through the identity that the experience of interacting with the new can be pleasant, fulfilling and comfortable. We included generative graphics and interactive elements in the design as they successfully emphasize the tasks that the company has set for itself. Such details help the brand to maintain friendly communication while remaining committed to the principles of sustainable development.

We also made a minimalistic website for the brand. There is a lot of space in it, it consists of voids and pure figures the repeatability of which refers to the idea of the cyclical nature of sustainable production. ‘Dotted’ typography isn’t dominant in the composition, on the contrary, it blends gently with other text blocks and visual elements. The centre stage is taken by bright, accented and elegant photo content, which the Go Circle team does on their own.

In such a calm and restrained design photographs look like exhibition items. The visual resemblance to museum aesthetics is not accidental, the neutral and inviting space is free from contexts. It can include anyone who is close to the values of the brand and who wants to change with it.

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