The key to the imaginary world. Liquides Imaginaires


Liquides Imaginaires is a French perfume brand imbued with the spirit of mysticism and mystery. The creators of Liquides Imaginaires describe their perfumes as enigmatic compositions that can carry us from the material world to the imaginary one. The team has approached us for the online shop creation, which would reflect the unique brand character and make the online shopping experience as atmospheric as in the brand's boutiques.

There are several elements behind the visual language of the Liquides Imaginaires website. Firstly, it is an extraordinary combination of two typefaces: the brand's signature antiqua and a wide grotesque Termina. Antiqua diamond-shaped stars have gone beyond the font – now they are independent graphic elements in the interface. Another inspiration comes from the signification of the word "liquid", so we have added an interactive flowing effect to the background images.

To help users choose a perfume, we have introduced two types of filters: Mood and Notes. The mood is an abstract sensation that each scent carries. There are four choices: Empowering, Mystical, Seductive and Transformative. The second filter is the Notes of the fragrance: citrus, floral, fruity and others.

We have added gamification elements to make a search for "the one" fragrance easier. For example, in the "Tarot Game", you can read the cards and find out which perfume will better reveal your personality or fantasies.

The "Scent Finder" quiz will suggest a scent based on the answers to the following questions: Who is this fragrance for? What is your zodiac sign? What is your element? What notes would you like to hear in a perfume? At the very end, based on the quiz responses you will see a selection of suitable scents.

We have developed a template constructor for content pages. The constructor makes it possible to pull in product cards natively and design editorials with expressive magazine techniques: inserts, quotes, photo and video galleries. As a result, the client spends little time on content design, and all the materials on the site have a consistent look and feel.

Each Liquides Imaginaires perfume is part of a thematic trilogy with its legend and visual story. We have designed thematic pages of the website in the form of long reads that reveal the essence of each trilogy through narrative and images from classical art. For instance, one of the trilogies is dedicated to the sea and alludes to sirens from ancient Greek myths and their depictions in world paintings.

The Liquides Imaginaires website has been designed to meet the requirements of the Shopify platform. Shopify provides the possibility to update your online shop quickly and has the payment system that the brand requires. Since it is a foreign brand, we have faced a challenge – to build communication in four languages: Russian, English, French and Italian. However, the new site has captured the atmosphere of the Liquides Imaginaires brand, and the shopping process is now even more emotional and memorable.

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