AZ Museum. Free New Generation Museum


AZ Museum is a intensively evolving private museum in the very center of Moscow. Founded in 2015, the Museum houses а daunting collection of works by Anatoliy Zverev, the main representative of unofficial Soviet art wave. It is a Free New Generation Museum satisfying the present-day challenges.

Art is no longer static and all of the museums increasingly rearrange installments and artifacts become available for viewing online, so for sure the perception of reality has changed. The space for art perception must comply with the fact that people don’t think of it as of something boring.

The initials of the Great Russian artist Anatoliy Zverev are used in the museum title. These two letters contain the whole collection of the museum. At temporary exhibitions you can see the masterpieces of unofficial Soviet art from A to Z. The logo is mobile and responds to the formats as the museum itself responds to new exhibitions.

All things unharmful for the collection are not prohibited in the «AZ Museum». Here you can play, lie around the floor and gather by group of more than four. There is no permanent exhibit as the funds of AZ keep more than 2000 works by Anatoliy Zverev and his contemporaries so the works interchange one another at temporary exhibitions.

Our aim was to refresh the image of the museum by showing the mobility of cultural space through the visual language and by telling about its attributes as a varied collection and the absence of permanent exhibit. We created the idea, identity and website for the museum.

The task of the museum as whole as the task of art is a dialog with a viewer. The Museum does not just show still life and landscapes of artists, it tells stories. That is why text plays the main role in style and therefore the typography.

The font pair as Druk + Akzidenz Grotesk performs two tasks at once. Druk allows us to be noticeable and modern for short and perky communications while Akzidenz gives us functionality for explications and lengthy texts online. It turns out a sprightly but very profound couple. After all AZ space defines itself as a modern museum, but not as an entertainment center.

According to its independency AZ museum can afford to have a visual relaxedness. Rough blocks of a condensed typography and a tabular site form are animated with «mush» and this combination acts as a kind of manifesto. According to this manifesto the visual language of modern museum can be as free in expression as art.

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