OKOLO. Your guy in the neighborhood


Okolo is an express grocery delivery service from Х5 Retail Group. The company came to us for the comprehensive development of their new brand. The service was launched in a highly competitive market, so it was important to create a brand that would significantly distinguish itself from the usual emotional and visual attributes in this category.

Signal (part of ONY), our insights agency, worked on positioning the service. We conducted a study and realized that almost all companies were focusing on the same general category of functional advantages: speed, convenience and no extra charges. The unique feature of Okolo's work is that the courier delivers products not from a warehouse or distribution center, but from that «very same store» near your home. Based on this, we decided that X5's delivery service should build a more emotional communication: stand out not just with service, but with human character as well, using the image of a «friendly young neighbor».

The concept is reflected in a simple and euphonious naming: the word «Okolo» ("nearby" in Russian) is equally easy to read in two languages and conveys a sense of belonging to the life of the local community. The identity is based on the idea of attraction. A metaphor for how a person attracts different products to themselves when they make an order in Okolo. The center of attraction in the layout can be the logo itself, a photo, or an order button from the app, around which other objects are dynamically located.

Geometric illustrations with a thick black outline are the heart of the style: a bold solution for the delivery service, emphasizing the brand's cheerful character. The illustrations turned out to be a bit funny, with strange proportions, sharp corners and an unusual palette for digital products. You can use them as building blocks, constantly creating different dynamic compositions and easily drawing new ones if necessary.

Couriers from different services differ in the colors of their uniforms and bags, so we needed to find a color that was warm but simultaneously bright and noticeable. We chose coral: in combination with the illustrations on the bags, you can't miss a courier like that.

The result is a branding with a clear emotional image of a friend who knows all the interesting places nearby and will help you get your shopping done at your favorite stores. Through the use of illustrations, the style can easily grow with the addition of new products, items and services as the service develops.

* Facts about Okolo. Okolo is an express delivery service and single technology platform for hyper-local express delivery service from X5’s retail chains. It works for Pyatyorochka Dostavka and Perekryostok.Bystro. In the future, other players in the food market can be connected to the service. Okolo couriers can be seen in Moscow and the Moscow region, Voronezh, Nizhny Novgorod, Kazan, St. Petersburg, Krasnodar and Rostov-on-Don. Delivery is available within a 60 minute radius of the nearest Pyatyorochka or Perekryostok.

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