Uralsib Insurance. Live your life to the fullest


Uralsib Insurance is among the top 10 insurance companies in Russia. After rebranding, which resulted in the company's new logo and communication platform, Uralsib’s task was to develop a new website that can not only express the new brand positioning but also become a convenient tool for selling its insurance products.

Live life to the fullest. In minimizing the risks for its clients, Uralsib Insurance helps clients live a more interesting and full life without being afraid of anything. In its communications, the company uses a set of feel-good slogans: «Live», «Enjoy», «Rejoice». We developed this idea on the site through series of photos and video images, from the first-person perspective showing life filled with experiences and adventures.

Level of your nonchalance. The first screen of the home page contains the most important navigation elements and promo of the main insurance products. Below are packaged and special offers and a block with facts about the company. For authorized users, there is a module with individual recommendations, whose algorithm analyzes insurance products bought and shows to the client his current nonchalance status, with suggestions for improving it.

Smart calculators. We developed a convenient calculator for all the company’s insurance product lines. In simplifying the process of filling out details, all the forms were divided into simple and clear steps. Unlike most of the websites of insurance companies, the entire calculation process does not require reloading the page.

Always at hand. Thanks to an assistant module, such features as agent call, chat with a consultant and history of settlements are available from any screen of the site.

On any device. All the website pages and interface elements were adapted for viewing on mobile devices of any platform.

Universal interface. The modular system makes it easy to present information in different sections and focus the user’s attention to important features.

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