Care in every click. Bausch+Lomb

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Bausch+Lomb, one of the oldest companies in the USA, is a leading manufacturer of contact lenses, lens care products and ophthalmic surgical products and medicines. The company was the first to develop modern soft contact lenses and constantly continues to improve its products, thanks to advanced developments, innovative technologies and scientific discoveries. The Russian branch of Bausch+Lomb has approached us to develop the company’s loyalty programme application.

Bausch+Lomb already had a loyalty programme, yet it was functioning only on their website. So our client team was not satisfied with User Flow, and our main task was to rethink the user experience of the health app, rebuild the current scenarios and introduce user-friendly features into the app.

We have placed the brand’s caring nature at the core of the app’s concept and mirrored it in the plasticity of the interface. When one’s vision is imperfect, the world becomes blurry. With this metaphor in mind, we have created simple, at the same time clear and vague geometric forms, recalling the shape of a pupil and a lens. Euclid Circular A font, its nicely rounded grotesque shape, conveys the caring attitude of the brand towards the clients.

We have made the app more customisable. Now the user can fill the profile in the personal area so the interface and content will be adjusted to the individual preferences, offering relevant content about vision and product requirements.

Bausch+Lomb’s loyalty programme allows customers to get a complimentary pair of contact lenses for accumulated points. We have made an interactive map of stores: to help clients to find the right pair of lenses in stock. Each colour of the pin corresponds to a type of lens: light green — lenses for the correction of presbyopia, orange — to correct astigmatism and turquoise — aspherical lenses. Once the filters are activated: desired optics and lenses can be found in one click.

Moreover, we have created a calendar of contact lens wear to underline the brand’s dedication to the clients. The app will remind users via push notification about the day to replace their old lenses with new ones. In addition: simple but vital vision hygiene practices and lens-wearing rules were added. The app also communicates via stories the latest company news, information about new products and promotions.

The loyalty programme app of Bausch+Lomb has become a vector of the development of the brand identity. Company graphics have become concise, while inherited colours have become more digital-adapted, modern and fresh. Now we are working with the client’s team on the main Bausch+Lomb corporate website.

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