Minimalistic Luxury. TTMG


TTMG is an international design firm and property development company that creates interior designs of premium segments and building projects for such brands as Burberry, Fendi, Chanel, Agent Provocateur, Gucci and others. The firm has turned to us for a website redesign. The company has expressed complete trust in us and our vision, so we were provided with minimal input data for the redesign. Our task was to create a promotional website based on a portfolio of TTMG, tell the company story and present its projects.

The firm pays a lot of attention to luxurious details in its projects. That's why we have chosen to use an ascetic visual style: such a contrast between the contemporary European visual language and rich, detailed interior photography allows us to draw the visitor's attention to the essential message of the website – the interior and the architecture. The website concept is based on the name of the company. The proofreaders in the printing houses have an enlarged space sign, which graphically resembles the letter T. So, on the main page, we have used a characteristic typographical indent in the text, whilst the entire further design was built in modular constructivism. The layout turned out to be very geometric, with double symmetry, rhythm and air.

The content work was also on us, so we allowed ourselves to think holistically. A portfolio is a crucial asset for an architectural firm, so we provided the client with the guidelines for the photographs of the interiors.

To avoid unnecessary elements in the text, we have used a very constructivist-style grotesque font – Suisse Intl. It is geometric, without serifs. The strokes of the characters have the same thickness, while their lines are very genuine. These characteristics create a certain tension and perfectly fit our concept. The website has an animated appearance of the text, thereby we have incorporated smooth scrolling of the page: this feature allows users to move between screens seamlessly. Besides, it supports the overall sense of uniqueness and luxuriousness that we create on the TTMG website.

TTMG is an international firm with renowned clients. To emphasise the company's willingness to be in touch with clients on any continent and at any time, we have added a running line in the footer with the cities – Moscow, Monaco, London, and Buenos Aires – and their time zones. Why these cities? Because in these very cities, one can see the most remarkable projects designed by the firm.

The project is minimalistic, yet it has its own strong vibe. It speaks to the visitor in a language of emotion, not strikingly loud, but emphasising the most important things. We have succeeded in creating a visually simple website that, with its ascetic geometry, would act as the perfect frame for the architecture and design projects created by TTMG.

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