KasperskyOS. Innate Cyber İmmunity


Kaspersky OS is an operating system for industries with increased requirements for information security, reliability and predictability of IT systems performance. It can endow IT products with cyber immunity – "innate" protection from the vast majority of cyberattacks. Kaspersky came to us with a request to develop a visual identity, product style and guidelines for the use of design elements.

The idea of cyber immunity – built-in protection formed the foundation of the visual metaphor of Kaspersky OS. We tried to translate this quite difficult and abstract concept through the light behaviour of a hexagon, a corporate figure of the parent brand Kaspersky. However, different from the main brand, we can use several hexagons in the composition, which reflects the scalability of the OS. The light in our scenarios is a symbol of security and ability to self-protection, and it was this technique that formed the basis of the operating system icon.

The typography of Kaspersky OS combines aesthetics and utility. The main idea of typographic behaviour lies in imitation of code that contains indents and bullets. This technique allowed to create additional semantic accents in communication, while maintaining discipline in layouts.

Getting into a single space with photographic materials, corporate hexagons distort the image behind them, thereby the graphics become more voluminous and material.

The appearance of a virtual cyber-immune planet appeared in CGI landscapes. Landscapes are an additional visual tool allowing to revive the main window of the operating system and make the areas of application of Kaspersky OS and IT products based on it more recognizable in the communication materials of Kaspersky and partners.

Kaspersky OS is a platform for creating IT products for the b2b sector. Due to a restrained colour palette, thorough typography, a digital image of graphic elements and well-thought-out motion-behaviour, the new identity translates the advantages of OS – its manufacturability, reliability, flexibility and scalability.

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