Yandex.Taxi. Number one on the road


Since Yandex launched the online taxi service in 2011, the market has changed a lot. Just recently people avoided taxis but now it is used by almost everyone and the number of «yellow» cars on the streets has increased significantly. So it has become evident that there is a long-felt need for Yandex.Taxi to change qualitatively, while maintaining the main values of the brand: functionality and humanity.

Yandex communications are concentrated mainly in digital and Yandex.Taxi is the most offline service of Yandex family. A huge (and very diverse) fleet of cars across the country dictates a million rules and restrictions. So it was important to create a system that simultaneously works online and at the same time lives within the physical and economic possibilities of pasting.

The main functional discovery is the application of the car number on board. It is rather more convenient to notice such a number especially when several vehicles are one after another, for example at the exit of the airport or club. Another advantage for the number being placed on board is keeping it cleaner in bad weather conditions than on its usual place. We hope this solution will become a standard for all taxi cars.

The preparation of pasting schemes for the entire fleet of cars is a truly special part of work. Two colored snipes instead of a large number of parts and partial pasting make branding technology easier and more economical, which is especially important for cars in the regions. In order to minimize the number of mistakes in the process of new design implementation in different taxi companies, we have developed a large manual and provided the ability to change colors, angles and other elements of branding.

Three spines are layered one on top of the other, forming the letter «Т». This solution can be easily adapted to different offline and digital media, it is just animated. The sign is stretched on any surface and divides the format into three zones, transforming into a layout element.

After all these years Yandex.Taxi team has accumulated the wealth of knowledge about its users and knows all the production subtleties and legal restrictions of branding machines. The final result was significantly affected by our mixed brainstorms and collective workshops. Such a teamwork helps the product to survive in the future in the version in which it was conceived. We are pleased to have worked closely with the Yandex.Taxi team.

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